JV Championships / Varsity Equipment / Offseason

We have one more meet this Thursday, February 9th at Clear Falls High School. Participants will miss periods 4 thru 8. The meet begins at 1:30pm. Meet Information & Entries can be found on our Brazoswood Aquatics Communication Page.

All that participated in the Varsity District & Region meets need to return their tech suits and parkas ASAP. We will need them for JV meet on Thursday.

After our competition season is completely over we will take a short break before facing our most challenging and grueling phase of the school year: OFFSEASON

Get your minds right and get ready to work and compete. We are going to find out who really wants to fill the spots our Seniors will be leaving and to earn playing time for next year.

Leaders Wanted! Where ya from?

Published by Robert Brown

Swimming, Diving, & Water Polo Coach Brazoswood High School

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